The twins have arrived!
Say hello to our new ARM Website and Membership!


ARM is proud to announce our gorgeous new website and radical new online membership system. This makes it very easy to join ARM, and brings a host of benefits for our members. It was a long and challenging labour but we hope you like our babies as much as we do (please bear with any teething issues!)

Our new membership has some fabulous member benefits:

✔ Exclusive Member-only articles and resources
✔ Subscription to our Midwifery Matters quarterly magazine
✔ Access to our Local Groups for support with like-minded people
✔ Reduced price to the quarterly national meetings of ARM, conferences and webinars
✔ Access to the Midwives’ Haven for workplace support
✔ Access to our Member-only Forum (coming soon)
✔ Valuable archive of midwifery and birth wisdom for members

The new system

The new membership system is all online with recurring membership. Every year your membership fee is deducted from your credit card/Paypal automatically (recommended), or if you choose bank transfer/cheque the membership will be renewed upon payment/arrival of cheque. When you’ve changed your membership to the new system, please cancel your old standing order or you’ll find you have paid twice. The new system will either collect the fee automatically using your card details or send you a reminder to pay by bank/cheque.

Existing ARM members have been imported into the new database and everyone needs to renew their membership using our new system in order to enjoy the benefits of recurring membership and our new online member benefits. This can be done any time before your current year’s membership expires. Irene (our fab membership secretary) will be very grateful if you’d renew your membership as soon as possible and become part of the new system – it will be a big help to us in our Babymoon.

It’s easy to make the change! Simply log into your membership account, then select the ‘Change Membership’ option and choose the correct level of membership. Check all details on the page and follow the system through the payment. When completed, your membership will be updated to the new system and you will therefore have the benefit of automatic renewal every year without having to do anything else.

If you’re an existing member and don’t immediately change your membership, you will remain a member with all the benefits until your current year’s expiry date. You can find your expiry date in your membership account. At that time you will receive several reminder emails and you’ll have the opportunity at that point to renew your membership as described.

Either way, you always have the option of changing or cancelling your membership at any time. We hope you enjoy the super new automated system and all the benefits of your online ARM membership.

So, how does this all work? Here you’ll find the instructions on how to login to your account, change your details if needed and how to renew or change your membership.



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