Do you value midwives? ARM supports midwives who want to give individualised care to women, and supports women who want to receive kind, expert midwifery assistance that respects their choices and helps them stay safe. We believe that women and midwives stand together. Help us by donating or raising funds.
All midwives go into the profession because they love helping women and babies. But they are now under increasing pressure, which of course affects care for mothers and babies. Many midwives become disheartened, or end up bullied, or suffer stress and trauma.

ARM provides a haven for midwives who are under pressure. We support midwives, and help them to find ways to support the women they care for.

ARM also provides assistance and information for women who are struggling to gain access to good, supportive care.

In addition to providing support, ARM members are at the forefront of a major campaign to Save the Midwife. But we need funds, both to run the campaign, and also to invest in our organisation so we can provide better support for midwives and women.

Check out our JustGiving page and help us by donating, or by fundraising.
Fundraising is great as it brings in much needed money, while highlighting our Save the Midwife campaign.

You could:
Organise a tea and cakes afternoon
Hold a pamper evening for your friends
Do a skydive, and get sponsorship
Do a good old-fashioned sponsored walk or run
Have a sponsored haircut
There are many ways to fundraise and it’s easy to set up with JustGiving!
Do you need our help or do you want to hold your own event and have it publicised? We’ll share your event with our thousands of followers on social media – including Facebook live events for the brave!
Just send us an email!

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