ARM Members Facebook Group

You are invited to a newly created
PRIVATE members-only Facebook group!

Join us for discussion and debate and be the change you wish to see in our maternity services!

Why Join the Facebook Group?

Years ago before Broadband internet, us older members will remember the Yahoo Midwifery List. It was an email forum that
had 1000’s of members, interacting from all over the UK and some further afield.
The knowledge shared was immeasurable. Midwifery practice that considered out-of-the-box thinking, enabled us to share practice, learn more and provide the strength to be activists for woman centred care in a patriachal medicalised maternity system.
With the pandemic limiting our ability to come together in person, we want to bring you into a safe space online, with like-minded people.
Feeling frustrated?
Want to change things but don’t know how?
Being part of our feminist non-hierarchical organisation with a history of activism in midwifery and birth is one way YOU can make a difference.

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