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Join us as a member of ARM to give us a higher profile, raise our voice and protect the midwifery profession.
We believe a strong midwifery profession protects and promotes compassionate and flexible maternity services.

Member Benefits


Exclusive Member-only articles and resources


Subscription to our Midwifery Matters quarterly magazine


Access to our Local Groups for support with like-minded people


Reduced price to the quarterly national meetings of ARM, conferences, workshops and meet-ups


Access to the Midwives’ Haven for workplace support


Access to our Member-only Facebook Group


Valuable archive of midwifery and birth wisdom for members


Membership for organisations, trusts and policy-making organisations

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?

The membership fee will be deducted from your card/PayPal account automatically every year or month if you’ve set up a recurring subscription. If you have chosen bank transfer or check your account will be renewed after you have made the payment. You can cancel your membership or upgrade your membership upon graduation at any time in your account settings.

I would like to join ARM, but I’m not a midwife. Can I still join, and are there any restrictions for non-midwives?
We very much welcome non-midwives as members of ARM. Any person or organisation with an interest in pregnancy, birth, babies, maternity services and/or maternity policy is welcome to join. You’ll receive exactly the same benefits as midwives, including attendance at our local group meetings where you will be warmly welcomed.
I am interested in becoming a midwife. Do you think I would find ARM membership useful for my University application?

You would certainly find the networking, groups and the archive of midwifery wisdom both fascinating and useful in your application. You may also find it helpful to connect with student midwives and midwife lecturers who are ARM members and who may be able to give you tips on your University application.

I represent an organisation and we’d be interested to learn more about ARM but not sure if membership is appropriate.

We encourage organisations to join. Many organisations, including libraries, now receive Midwifery Matters as a pdf rather than a paper copy. We welcome Trusts and policy-making organisations to join as well as it can be a good way for organisations to learn about the experiences of midwives and mothers. For more information please contact our Membership Secretary

Is it possible to pay by yearly cheque or bank transfer?

It is possible to pay for your membership by cheque or bank transfer though if possible we’d encourage you to use a card or PayPal so that your renewal is automatic (unless you cancel it of course which you can do at any time). You can choose cheque/bank transfer in the checkout process. You will get a reminder by email to pay before the end of your membership year. For monthly memberships cheque/bank transfer is not possible.

I used to be a member of ARM but my membership lapsed. How do I rejoin?

Welcome back! Decide which category you’re in and click on the appropriate button and follow the instructions. Happy rejoining. You’ll get access to all the Midwifery Matters that you missed while you were away.

I’ve recently retired. How do I change my membership from Individual to Concessional?

At the end of your membership year when it is time to renew, click on change membership in your Membership account and then rejoin as a Concessional member.

I’ve retired, but I support the aims of ARM and I’d like to pay the full amount – should I change my membership to concessional and make a donation of the remainder of the payment, or should I stay as an ‘individual’ member?

Concessional members receive the same benefits as individual members so it’s up to you. We’re grateful for all contributions.

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