There are lots of ways you can get involved as a volunteer with ARM.


When you join ARM, as a member you will gain access to information about your local group. Go along to your local meeting and get involved – most groups need people to help with organising events and campaigns, or simply connect with local like-minded people. See our groups page for more information, or contact Hilary.

Steering Group

We call the Board of Trustees of ARM charity the ‘Steering Group’ or SG. See the Steering Group page for details of our current SG. All members are welcome to come along to Steering Group meetings and help, though only SG members can vote on decisions. SG meetings usually take place the evening before our national meetings which are held on a quarterly basis. The meetings are very friendly and inclusive, in line with our philosophy as a feminist and non-hierarchical organisation, and all members are welcome including potential or student midwives and maternity service users. As SG roles are usually rotated on a three-year basis, vacancies arise on the SG regularly and new members are voted in at the AGM (September). Being an SG member is a great way to make a contribution to midwifery and you don’t need any prior experience – we can help you to learn about the role and responsibilities of being a Trustee of a charity so in addition to helping ARM, you can get great experience for professional development and your CV. Contact us to get involved with the SG.


ARM is actively involved with campaigning on a variety of issues locally and nationally – see our campaigns page for details. We always need people to help with campaigns on midwifery and maternity service issues so please contact us if you’d like more information.

The Midwives’ Haven

The Midwives’ Haven is a new supportive service for our members. We aim to offer support networks for members caught up in investigations, disciplinary processes, and NMC referrals, or who have experienced any distress at work. We offer a listening ear by email or telephone and accompany midwives to interviews or hearings if able and requested. We are also building a library of useful documents and hold support groups at national meetings. We would love to hear from you. If you have experience of investigation, disciplinary action, NMC referral, bullying and harassment etc. as a midwife or former supervisor or workplace representative/steward, and would like to support midwives facing these challenges please contact Deb Hughes.
We would love to hear from you.

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