Conference posters

Please feel free to download these conference posters and share them by email with your colleagues and friends to spread the word about our conference in Nottingham on the 1st December 2018. We'd also appreciate it if you would print them off as posters...

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Agnes Gereb granted clemency!

Great news for Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb, for the women of Hungary and the midwives and women of the world. Agnes released a statement earlier today explaining that she will not now go to prison as she has been granted clemency by the President of...

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Bearing Different Risks

Thank you to Caitlin Stobie, PhD Candidate from the English Department at Leeds University, for this guest post about a fascinating collaboration between historians and midwives. Check out the Facebook event for more...

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Better Births Two Years On

How is Better Births working in your area? Have you noticed big improvements in the maternity service offered? Or have you been disappointed? At the Association of Radical Midwives we're very big supporters of the Better Births project. We particularly...

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ARM supports the Kindness Conference

Saturday 11th November 2017, Bradford University We hear so much about the scourge of bullying in maternity and midwifery - why does kindness sometimes seem so hard to achieve? It is strange to think that the world of pregnancy and birth (which ought be one of the...

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Woops – I forgot to upgrade my membership

I'm embarrassed to confess that I was locked out of my ARM membership account the other day and realised that of all people I had forgotten to upgrade my membership! How mortifying - I'm the ARM website editor!!! Woops! It just shows how easy it is to forget, even...

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