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Join us as a member of ARM to give us a higher profile, raise our voice and protect the midwifery profession.


We have a big support network for midwives and student midwives around the country.

Student Meet-Ups

ARM Student Member Meet-Up
A place for ARM students (prospective students, and some qualified midwives and birth keepers too!) to gather, hang out, co-work and support each other – tell stories, learn things, hold each other in camaraderie, organise, air grievances, share virtual tea, biscuits and hugs. You’re welcome wherever you’re at.

The Midwives Haven Relaunched

Midwives Haven Midwives Haven is a group of The Association of Radical Midwives that offers support for members who are experiencing bullying and harassment, undergoing...

Better Births Five Years on

I’m old enough to remember Changing Childbirth five, ten and even fifteen years on (now it’s 28 years – how did that happen?) And now it is Better Births five years on....

Lessons in Appreciation

I am sure I am not the only midwife who has found themselves desperately trying to look patient, while observing a newborn babies first nappy change. It's hard to enjoy...


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“Above all the woman must have freedom to be able to move and respond spontaneously to her body and that of her baby in labour.” ― Margaret Jowitt

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