Save the Midwife

We’ve launched a major campaign to save the midwifery profession in the UK.

The profession of midwifery is under threat as never before in modern times in the UK:

  • The statutory role of Supervisor of Midwives scrapped
  • No midwives on the NMC board
  • Workplace bullying and exploitation of midwives an everyday occurrence
  • Independent midwives effectively prevented from practising
  • Midwifes’ role undermined and eroded
  • Continuity of care continues to be undermined in spite of evidence and even policy

Together we can change this. We believe that midwives and women want the same thing – a strong autonomous midwifery profession giving continuity, choice and excellence for women, men, babies and families.

Help us to Save the Midwife. We want:

‣ Midwifery leadership at every level, including senior decision-makers
‣ A new Midwifery Council
‣ Implementation of Better Births including continuity of midwifery care
‣ A solution for independent midwifery

What you can do:

↪ Come to the ‘Save the Midwife’ demo on 5th May 2017 at the NMC
↪ Attend the Campaign meeting on 20th May 2017
Join ARM and be part of the solution
↪ Donate or Fundraise :

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