Better Births Two Years On

by | 20 Mar, 2018 | Maternity Care | 0 comments

How is Better Births working in your area? Have you noticed big improvements in the maternity service offered? Or have you been disappointed?

At the Association of Radical Midwives we’re very big supporters of the Better Births project. We particularly welcome all innovations that increase continuity of care and carer. We’ve become aware of an important Better Births meeting coming up in Manchester on 27th March 2018 and we’d like to encourage as many of our members and supporters to attend as possible.

The organisers say they want:

‘to take this opportunity to truly “check-in” and have open and honest conversations about the things we are finding more challenging, so we can learn together, and ensure that progress is accelerated in our third year.’

Attend this meeting and have your say!


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