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Please feel free to download these conference posters and share them by email with your colleagues and friends to spread the word about our conference in Nottingham on the 1st December 2018. We’d also appreciate it if you would print them off as posters and place them as prominently as possible – for instance noticeboards in Universities and Hospital Trusts.

We’ve provided three different versions – black and white (ideal for printing if colour is not possible), colour with no background (great for printing if you have the option of colour ink), and the full colour version which can, of course, be printed but if that’s bit too ink-heavy you can use this version for your emails and social media.

Many thanks to member Sue Woollett for creating the three different versions and to Abbie-Jay Whitford and baby for the picture (above).

The background pic of the poster is courtesy of Lilian Craze Photography.


We hope to see you there so that together we can discuss and plan for change.

ARMConf2018 B&W no background

ARMConf2018 col no background

ARMConf2018 poster ver8 Sue 2 page


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