Bearing Different Risks

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Thank you to Caitlin Stobie, PhD Candidate from the English Department at Leeds University, for this guest post about a fascinating collaboration between historians and midwives. Check out the Facebook event for more details


How have ideas about childbirth changed over time? What makes birth risky? And who decides what is risky, anyway?

Visit the Leeds debut of this UK-wide mobile display exploring the past’s views on birth (and the risks we face today).

Discover histories of quintuplets, dangers at home and in hospital and a mysterious family of physicians who changed childbirth forever. 

The Risks of Childbirth in Historical Perspective is a research network funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) that promotes creative, two-way exchange between historians and midwives around the theme of childbirth risk in Britain.
“Bearing Different Risks” is the result of four workshops from 2016-18, which brought together childbirth practitioners, historians, and relevant interest groups around the theme of childbirth risks. Alongside the exhibition, the network is filming a series of historical “Birth Stories” videos and will also produce two edited collections of selected papers from the workshops.

The exhibition runs from 15 June to 15 September 2018 at the Thackray Medical Museum. Later displays will be in Brighton and London.


  1. Francesca

    Is it touring to the Midlands or west of England?

    • Nicky Grace

      Hi Francesca,

      Can you contact the organisers direct? It’s not an ARM event so we don’t have any other information I’m afraid. Hope you can make the exhibition, it sounds so interesting.


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