Save the Midwife: protecting women’s rights with better midwifery regulation

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Representatives from ARM, AIMS and other key birth organisations came together to plan the next steps of the #savethemidwife campaign. The overwhelming emotion was unity; a birth movement of the 21st century, one that brings together women, midwives and birth organisations. Women’s birth rights need protecting from the ground up. Choice must be protected both within and outside of the NHS. Midwives are with woman. Midwives are the experts of normal birth and need to be the leaders of their own profession. It is vital that those who are responsible for the safety of mothers and babies actually understand the issues women face. The NMC does not do this.

Key Priorities

⇒ User and Midwifery Representation
⇒ Regulation and Legislation
⇒ Supervision and Safety
⇒ Communication and Engagement

How you can help

The water is rippling and now we need you to turn ripples to waves. We are calling for your help. It is vital that the campaign reaches women and midwives across the UK. We have set our priorities and created a roadmap of actions to develop a campaign strategy and communications plan. Can you spare some time to take on one of these tasks? Promote the issues among your networks? Or offer a skill that will advance the campaign?
If you can help, get in touch today:
We can only be powerful with your support. The more people we have on board, the more effective our campaign will be.

Fundraise for the campaign

With your support, we can make a difference!

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