Midwives and Mothers under Threat

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Midwives demand real representation and separate professional regulation.

The Association of Radical Midwives is seriously concerned about the gradual dismantling of midwifery legislation, and the lack of midwifery leadership and representation within the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The NMC midwifery committee is disbanded and the Midwives Rules gradually reduced and repealed. Statutory Supervision of Midwives and the role of LSAMO end in March 2017. Independent self-employed midwives have been given little support or guidance about professional indemnity insurance leaving them and their clients with an uncertain future.

From April 2017, midwives will be under the leadership of the Chief Nurse for England and similar arrangements will be made in the other countries of the Union. Having tried to address our concerns with Chief Executive of the NMC, without meaningful dialogue, we conclude that we have no alternative but to demand separate regulation for midwives as recommended by the law commission. At present the NMC neither represents midwives nor safeguards childbearing women.

The Association of Radical Midwives calls upon all interested organisations representing mothers and midwives to join us in launching the campaign #savethemidwife.

Katherine Hales.

National Coordinator.



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