Woops – I forgot to upgrade my membership

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I’m embarrassed to confess that I was locked out of my ARM membership account the other day and realised that of all people I had forgotten to upgrade my membership! How mortifying – I’m the ARM website editor!!! Woops!

It just shows how easy it is to forget, even when you ‘re the one nagging everyone else to remember. I’d been paying by Standing order, and I not only had forgotten to cancel my Standing Order, but I hadn’t upgraded my membership.

Luckily, all I had to do was join ARM again via the Join Us page using a debit or credit card. Instantly I was back in the ARM fold. Phew – I don’t like not being in ARM even for a few minutes – it’s so important to me to feel the love and warmth of my wonderful friends and colleagues surrounding me with support and inspiration during these difficult times.

I thought I’d confess my mistake in the spirit of learning from mistakes and trying to help others to avoid doing the same! So remember to login to your membership account on the website, and check when your membership is due for renewal. All memberships now need to be paid online with a card. We’re really sorry that we had to make this change but the old system was completely out of date and over 80 per cent of members were paying the wrong amount. The new system really is the only way forward in the 21st century. But we really really don’t want to lose anyone (we need more people to join!) so please don’t struggle in silence.

If you’re having any problems with the online system, then please get in touch with me personally on nicky@midwifery.org.uk and I’ll walk you through it. You know I won’t judge you! Each and every ARM member is valuable and we don’t want to lose any of you because of worries about (or hatred of!) technology.

If you find you have overpaid eg you forgot to cancel your SO but you rejoin using your card on the website, you can either get a refund of your Standing Order by emailing our membership secretary Irene on membership@midwifery.org.uk or you can choose to regard the SO amount as a donation.


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