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We at ARM are very grateful to Jo Robertson and her client, who generously provided us with the beautiful birth image on our website home page. When trying to find the right image, we went through hundreds of photos, and became aware that birth photography has grown from being a rather specialised niche, to something that many women are now choosing. We became curious about this, and asked Jo to tell us a bit more about why she chose this career, and she’s kindly written a fascinating blog on the subject. Please also let us know in the comments if you’ve had a birth photographer yourself, and how you found the experience.

What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is the full photographic coverage of your birth, labour and up to 1 to 2 hours postpartum. Its capturing precious moments that will only exist once. It is your birth story recorded by a professional birth photographer in an artistic documentary style that you will cherish forever.

I became a birth photographer because I found something that meant something to me. It gave me a reason to reach for my camera and start taking pictures again.
In my heart, I believe being a birth photographer it’s a very important role. I want to serve women who are naturally curious and want to see their own birth.
I want to show them how powerful and incredible they were, so they don’t forget.
Memories will change and fade as time passes, but a photograph, a really great photograph will show you exactly how it was, as if it was only yesterday.

Jo Robertson

Birth Photographer, Lillian Craze Birth Photography

To read how she became a birth photographer and how her life changed, hop on over to Jo’s blog to enjoy her story, and then have a browse around her website to learn more about birth photograpy, Jo’s services and view lots of incredible photos that will inspire you!

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  1. Mia

    hi there I am looking into a career in birth photography and I am wondering how to get there. is there any chance you could help me?


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