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Anna’s Story – Caesarean Hysterectomy

The full story of this woman’s experience has been removed as she is contemplating legal action against her doctor, and it could cause problems if the jury in any trial had read her full story here. Some extracts are published below instead.

A late scan predicted that the baby would be reasonably large, and because of her doctor’s concerns about shoulder dystocia, Anna requested an elective caesarean:

I had my baby early in the morning. About 6 pm the bleeding wouldn’t stop. The midwife kept going to the doctor saying that it wasn’t right. They eventually decided to take me back into theatre…I had lost about 2 units of blood. ..

I was taken in. When I came round they had given me a hysterectomy. I think you can guess what state I was in.

Apparently they had tried everything that they could and it wasn’t working. They used a drug but it hadn’t worked. …..

Anna has never been given a satisfactory reason for the hysterectomy.

I am only young and am barren. I don’t like seeing expectant mothers, knowing that I will never have that feeling again. No little baby keeping me awake at night with hiccups, or trying to swim its way out early. I have also been told that there is no assistance for us to have a child on the NHS. If I had a womb and no eggs though, there would be.


If you would like to contact Anna for any reason, whether regarding helping her through surrogacy, details of her experience, or simply for support, please contact her on the above address. In particular, Anna would like to hear from anyone who has reconsidered requesting an elective caesarean after reading this – to know that some good has come of her experiences.

AH updated 22 February 2002


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