ARM is delighted that we have gathered leading experts in their fields for this timely conference. Media reporting of the preliminary Ockenden Report on failings at Shrewsbury and Telford Trusts emphasised promotion of “normal birth ideology” as a major cause of harm to mothers and babies. Similar reports followed the Kirkup Report on the Morecambe Bay Trust leaving midwives and many women demoralised and angry, since the international “Definition of a Midwife” (ICM 2017) includes the understanding that midwives should “optimise the normal biological, psychological, social and cultural processes of childbirth”. We are also aware of the wealth of research supporting improved outcomes for women and babies when physiological processes are facilitated. Our conference seeks to explore the issues and develop a response to the rather incoherent and inaccurate views which have been presented in reporting
Is normal birth radical

Prof Lesley Page

Former RCM President
Conference Chair

Lesley Page is former president of the Royal College of Midwives. She was the first professor of midwifery in the UK at Thames Valley University and Queen Charlotte’s Hospital. She is a renowned international academic, advocate and activist for midwives, mothers and babies with more than 32 years’ midwifery experience. Her accomplished career has encompassed clinical practice, management and leadership, academic and policy work. She has practised midwifery in the community, hospital and home birth settings.

Dr Claire Feeley

Midwife, researcher,educator, consultant, advocate

As a midwife and researcher, my mission is to challenge the status quo, to provoke and disrupt dualistic thinking, to bring complexity and nuance back to the conversation in maternity care and to create meaningful change. Holding space for multiple ways of knowing, drawing upon eclectic influences, and rooted in understanding sociocultural-political drivers – my work focuses on innovative approaches to problem-solving.
Mary Ross-Davie

Dr Mary Ross-Davie

Director, RCM Scotland

Mary was trained as a midwife in Nottingham and has an extensive work record in midwifery roles in England and Scotland.

She has studied for the PhD at the University of Stirling and was an Education Project Manager at NHS Education for Scotland. Mary’s role included the development of a range of e-learning resources and the implementation of a successful leadership Programme for midwives.
Jacqui Williams

Dr Jacqui Williams

Senior Midwifery Advisor, NMC, Midwifery Lecturer and Practising Midwife

Jacqui Williams is a very experienced midwifery academic and practising midwife with over 30 years involvement in pre- and post-registration midwifery programmes.

As an academic, Jacqui has continued to keep strong links with midwifery practice and is passionate about the unique role of the midwife and women centred care. She is a Senior Fellow with the Higher Education Academy. She has particular area of expertise in quality assurance.

Becky Reed

Midwife, Author

Becky Reed has been a midwife for over 25 years. She believes passionately in the importance of continuity in midwifery care, as well as in keeping birth normal, home birth and water birth. Becky helped to set up the well-known, much-loved and influential Albany Midwifery Practice (AMP) in Peckham, South London, and has spoken widely about the AMP both nationally and internationally. Throughout her midwifery career Becky has documented births in photos, and used these when preparing women and families for birth. She believes strongly in the power of the image in education, particularly at a time when students are increasingly ‘learning’ via television and the internet, and midwifery skills are at risk of being lost. For many years Becky was on the editorial board of The Practising Midwife, where many of her photo-story articles have been published.
Jo Dagustun

Jo Dagustun

AIMS volunteer and campaigner

Social geographer (PhD-qual research-UK birth culture: http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/18031/ ) with keen interest in public policy/justice/good governance.
Jo Dagustun

Lynn Genevieve

Author and midwife

Lynn is a retired Independent Midwife and has been an ARM member since 1989. Currently she is completing an MLitt Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow which has resulted in the forthcoming Women’s Choices: Midwife Voices. Lynn is embarking on a DFA this autumn to complete her trilogy Tales of B-Earth, a fantasy involving midwives, past, present and future.

Kemi Johnson

Birthkeeper, KGH Teacher Trainer, Birth Activist, Birth Physiology Teacher

Kemi is a mother to some very wonderful adults, and has worked for many years as an independent midwife, a KG Hypnobirthing trainer and passionate birth activist.
She privately assists families to wade through their birth choices or to recover from their birthing journeys.
Kemi is dedicated to making sure all families are able to choose who is with them during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

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