Midwifery Matters Summer 2006 Issue 109



Thoughts on Transfers 2

Articles from Wigan

Living in Hope Dot Parry 3
A Waterbirth Denied Deborah Byrne 5
Working within an Orthodox Jewish Community Dot Parry 7
Midwifery and Judaism Sarah Montagu 8
Female Genital Mutilation Deborah Byrne 10

Articles from elsewhere

Nitrous Oxide, no laughing matter Andrea Robertson 13
Telepathy in the Birthing Room Anna Reeve 19
Struggling in the Dark Vanessa, student midwife 20
Homebirth – A Father’s Experience Christian Stretton 21
Letter to My Mum’s Midwife Tez 22
An Unusual Normal Birth Andrya Prescott 23
Creative Midwifery Andrya Prescott 24


National Meeting report 25

News & Views

nettalk: transfer experiences 30
breech transfer 32
home criteria 34
NMC Homebirth Circular 35
local groups 46

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