Midwifery Matters Spring 2014 Issue 140



Making the best of it? 2


Breech birth at home Pam Dorling 3
A baby came out of my vagina!!! At home!!! Nicky Grace 5
Can we influence outcomes in posterior labour? Joy Horner 7
Home birth?Yes please Bev Jervis 8
No longer in between Awen Clement 11
Campaigning for mother centred care Ruth Weston 12
Supervision of midwives:An asset for 21st century midwifery
Frances Hodgson 15
Report:A Different View of Supervision Frances Hodgson 17


National meeting report 19

News & Views

Report: Investigating resilience in midwifery 21
Nettalk – home birth equipment 22
Letter: MIDIRS continuing concerns 23

What’s on

ARM 7th National Conference 24
Local groups 26
Summer national meeting June 14th Peterborough 26
Wigan study day March 22 16
ARM conference booking form 27

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