Midwifery Matters Spring 2012 Issue 132



An impossible dream? 2


Midwives in the Media Meg Taylor 3
How to be a Midwife Jane Evans 7
Observations, examinations and auscultation in different positions Sarah Montagu 9
The Rise and Rise of the Obstetric Bed Margaret Jowitt 11
Pain Free Labour: Teaching women how to labour Ann Higson 17
Homebirth in Newham Elaine Carter 18
Homebirth in Newham: The colleague’s tale Pamela Brodie 20
A Safe and Secure Place Sam Cocker 20
Ella’s birth: The Student’s Tale Carla Mastroianni 21
Ella’s birth: The Midwife’s Tale Elaine Carter 22
Ella’s arrival in the world: The Mother’s Tale Kirsty Mearns 23


Birthplace: New Evidence, Key Findings and Implications for Maternity Care Dr Irene Walton 25
Women’s experience of transfer in labour 28
Winter national meeting report 29

News & Views

Nettalk: multiple sclerosis 31

What’s on

Wigan Study Day 35

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