Midwifery Matters Spring 2011 Issue 128



What is happening to Greater Manchester Maternity Services? Sarah Davies 2
Maternity services: The elephant in the room Margaret Jowitt 3


Some cultural considerations of breastfeeding Irene Walton 4
Starting solids – The facts behind the media hype ‘Analytical Armadillo’ 8
Challenges of Dutch midwifery Simone Valk 12
A day of Firsts’ Meghan Jackson 14
Because I am a midwife Emma Barnett-Mills 15
When is a bed not a bed? 16
‘Chinning’ Mary Cronk 17


Winter Steering Group meeting report 17


HCRE report on NMC 19
NPEU wins CEMACH contract 19


Are induced or augmented labours more painful? 20

News & Views

News roundup 23
Book reviews 24

What’s on

ARM gathering 28
ARM Conference 28
ARM National Meeting, Wigan 31

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