Midwifery Matters Spring 2008 Issue 116


Editorial 2
Letter from New York


An Elective in Zambia Lisa Common 3
Being a Midwife in New Zealand Lesley Hinson 6
Working in the Land of the Long White Cloud Lorna Davies 7
Birth the New Zealand Way Sophie Childs 10
Midwifery in Ethiopia, an elective experience Anna Greco 12
Midwifery Legislation in Ireland Mary Higgins 14
Midwifery in California Linda Willcut-Tallman 15
A Californian Homebirth 16
‘Blessed are the births’ 17


National meeting report 18
NICE Enough Intrapartum Care 20
Healthcare Commission report 22


Tongue tie 23
Epi-NO device 25

News & Views

Gleanings 26
Letters 27
Forthcoming national meetings & retreat 29
Spring National Meeting, Sheffield March 8th 30

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