Midwifery Matters Spring 2007 Issue 112



Walking the Tightrope 2

Articles from Somerset

Rising from the Ashes Jane Tucker 3
Teaching old dogs new tricks Karen Frost 4
Dietary Dogma Tessa Dean 5
Unilateral Breastfeeding Terri Bate 8
Jennifer’s Arrival Tessa Dean 10
Poems, Jo White 13
MCAD Jo White 14

Articles from elsewhere

Denial: As midwives can we accept the truth? Caroline Hollins Martin 15


National Meetiong report 19
Insurance threat to independent midwifery 22
AIMS press release on enforced adoption 23
EU Directive on infant formula 24

News & Views

Letters 18
Book review 18
Gleanings 24
Nettalk: scarred cervix 25
Preparation for birth 26
Nipple piercing 27
Funny: The Middle Wife 29

In the media 28

News 29

What’s on 31

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