Midwifery Matters Spring 2006 Issue 108



Wigan Group 2

Articles from Wigan

The Wigan Home Birth Group Jayne Halton 3
12 Step Guide to setting up a Group 5
Waterbirth at Home Lynn Seddon 5
Service Improvement award 6
Woman-led Homebirth Group 7
Lavinia’s Story: VBAC at Home 8
Lesley’s Story: Why I Offered an HBAC 9
Risk Obsession on the Labour Ward Lesley Price 12
Cervical Reversion, Regression Lois Bowman 14
Caseload Midwifery: A review Sue Andrews, Louise Brown, Lois Bowman and Lesley Price 15
Nurse/midwife versus Direct Entry Debi Brunt 21
From Doula to Student Midwife Janet Naylor 22

Articles from elsewhere

Midwives should not offer women choice in childbirth Pat Lindsay
Choosing a Hospital Birth Michelle Barnes 24
Prolonged Prelabour Rupture of Membranes Katherine Hales 27


National Meeting report 26
Conference reports 3

News & Views

letters 27
nettalk, noise 35
local groups 46
One Mother One Midwife 46

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