First 100 issues of Midwifery Matters





Celebrating the first 100 issues of the ARM magazine

All on one CDROM !

Do you sometimes wish you could see the early issues of our journal?
Well, now you can!!

To celebrate Midwifery Matters Issue No.100 (Spring 2004), we have reproduced all the first 100 issues of ARM magazines on CDROM for you to browse through, offering nostalgia for early members and satisfying curiosity for those who joined ARM later.

Not only have we reproduced every page of every issue in image format, (in a section we’ve called “Roots from the Past”) but we’ve added a ‘study and research’ section, (called “Routes to the Future”)containing the main articles, reports and studies, with keyword search facility.

A valuable research resource for student midwives, writers and researchers.


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