A number of local member support groups are to be found around the country.
Logged in members can click on a marker to get the contact information and other details for that group. Events are posted on our Local Events page.
If you would like to set up your own group or if you’d like to update the information about your group please email the group-coordinator Hilary.


Natalie Buschman
Contact via Facebook

West Sussex

Angie Barrett
Meets every second month in Shermanbury.


Joy Horner
Meeting at The Red Brick Building in Glastonbury on the first Thursday of each month 19.30 to 21.30 for support and stimulating discussion about pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.


Northampton, UK

Join our bi-monthly meetings at member’s homes in the Northamptonshire area. We always have bountiful tea and cake to share over inspiring midwifery conversation. Non-members welcome.

Lisa-Marie South lisamarie.midwife@gmail.com
Valerie Gommon valgommon@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NorthantsARM/


Ro Bailey
07563 230081 or

East Midlands

Local contact: Kate Mack, email: Katamack@gmail.com
Meet up with local midwives, doulas and others for friendly support.

ARM can be a life-saver for those feeling overwhelmed by issues in the maternity services whether as a midwife or a service user. We can help, and we value your contribution. All members are welcome and non-members may attend a taster meeting to see if you like us!

18.30 for a 19.00 start. East Midlands ARM has meetings the first Monday of each month, alternating between a Derby venue and a Nottingham venue. Please contact Kate if you’d like to attend and we’ll be in touch to confirm the address. (We tend to meet in people’s houses so we don’t always advertise the venue.)

Bring and share veggie snacks or cakes/biscuits and enjoy a good chinwag.



Hilary Rosser
07886 923770
Meetings in alternate months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov.)



Lesley Price
or 01942 747902

We are a group of midwives,student midwives, doulas and women who have an interest in midwifery and maternity matters.We meet monthly in members homes usually in the evenings. We discuss and debate current midwifery issues, birth stories and research. A doll and pelvis and an endless supply of tea and coffee and cake complements the caring and sharing and excellent conversation. For the last eight years we have planned and organised an annual ARM study day. These have been very popular and evaluated very well. All members are included in this and themes for the day are based on the views of the group. New members to the group are very welcome.
Facebook Group

Bradford & Leeds

Emily Hill and Rachel Wild

Monthly meetings every 4th Tuesday of the Month, 7pm – 9pm.
The locations of meetings vary. House address and telephone numbers of hosts will generally not be posted – the location will be sent via the group email.
If you would like to join the email group please send an email to above e-address.
Facebook group: Association of Radical Midwives Bradford and Leeds BLARM.

York & Harrogate

We are run by a group of ARM members, keen to support local midwives, student midwives, and birth workers to practice midwifery care in its truest form – with woman. Come join us! Every 2nd Thursday evening of the month, in York/Harrogate or anywhere in between. We’d welcome members hosting!
Facebook Page

University of Teeside

Normal birth forum
Amy Hodgson


Linda Wylie
tel:01292 316596

west of scotland

Kate Mackay
In cosy Glasgow living rooms a new ARM group is gaining momentum. Built from the full breadth of birth work: prospective and student midwives, current, retired and Independent midwives, doulas and other birth workers. So far we’ve had lively discussions on what makes us glad to be involved in birth work, gentle caesareans and the trials and tribulations of our role in an over stretched NHS, we’ve even had a film screening and discussion as well as sharing resources and books we love…and amongst all of this we have of course, in true ARM style, found time to drink tea and eat cake!
If this sounds like your cup of tea (ha!) then join us on facebook where we post our upcoming events: www.facebook.com/groups/ARMwestofscotland

North East Scotland

Andrea Lawrie
07411 755895
Sarah Humphrey
Facebook Group

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