Coronavirus/COVID-19 Announcement – 14th March 2020 Spring National meeting

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Stronger Together: Midwifery for the 2020s


We have decided (most unusually some might say) to follow the Government and DH advice and therefore the Spring National meeting in Stamford is going ahead as planned as at 11/03/2020. If the national guidance changes, we may have to reschedule at the last minute – if so we will email delegates, plus announce this on Facebook and Twitter so please monitor our social media.

We are making some special arrangements to keep participants as safe as possible.

Please do not attend if:

You have ANY respiratory infection.
You have travelled to a country deemed higher risk within the last 14 days.
You have had any contact with anyone who may be at risk.

At the meeting:

We advise you to avoid physical contact so our usual ARM oxytocin-inducing hugs are not recommended!
Ya know, wash ya hands etc.
We will provide toilet paper.
If you need to cough, please do so into a tissue then bin it – or into an elbow if a tissue isn’t available.
If you find you are coughing regularly during our event, please do not tough it out but take your germs elsewhere! (Obvs we won’t abandon anyone who is proper ill. We do care.)
We will try to keep the seating as separate as possible.

You do attend at your own risk so please make the decision whether to travel based on your circumstances. If you have a health condition or have caring responsibilities for others who are at raised risk, you may prefer to stay at home. We won’t be offended. We’ll try to stream some of the talks and discussion.

See you in Stamford!


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