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Saturday 11th November 2017, Bradford University

We hear so much about the scourge of bullying in maternity and midwifery – why does kindness sometimes seem so hard to achieve? It is strange to think that the world of pregnancy and birth (which ought be one of the most joyous and positive areas of human existence) sometimes feels fraught with difficulties. To explore these issues, and to spread some much-needed kindness, we can’t wait to hear all the interesting speakers at this innovative conference. Our very own Deb Hughes is one of the speakers, telling everyone about ARM’s fantastic Midwives’ Haven – our initiative to assist midwives who are struggling at work for whatever reason.

So do come along and support this conference organised by Ellie Durrant of Midwife Diaries fame, and the University of Bradford.

More information and tickets are available from

 11th November 2017 9am – 6pm,Bradford University
Qualified Staff: £29.99
Students: £24.99
Discount code for non-Bradford students and staff (limited time only!):’KIND’ for £4.99 off
Bradford University Students and Lecturers can attend this event for a much reduced fee (£5 for union members, £10 for non-union members, and the funds will go to Action on Postpartum Psychosis, a much needed charity)
RCM report


Dr. Patricia Gillen

Midwife, researcher and lecturer – Clarifying What Bullying Is and Where It Comes From

Newly Qualified Midwifery Leader – to be confirmed

Gillian Smith

Former RCM director for Scotland – The Tools and Support Given by The Royal College of Midwives

Anna Coonan-Byrom

Senior midwifery lecturer and editor of The Practising Midwife – Coming Together: Mentors and Students Bridging the Gaps

Sheena Byrom

Freelance midwifery consultant and OBE – Changing The Culture: Midwifing the Midwife

Mark Harris

Male midwife, entrepreneur, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner – The Stories We Live In: How I Create the Bully

Deborah Hughes

Experienced midwife, Association of Radical Midwives leader – Kind to Me, Kind to You: practical ways to cope, care and grow

Ian Kemp

Consultant Midwife – Cathartically Speaking, I Cannot Say I Wasn’t Warned.


 These are the kind of discussions that make the difference. If you so wish you are welcome to just listen and draw your own wisdom from the day. We’d love to hear your questions and voice too, if this is something you can do. It might be you have just the idea or experience that we all need to hear about.

Registration will open at 9.30 am and the event will start at 10.00. We hope to be finished by 18.00.

Tea and coffee will be available as will cakes to buy. You’ll either need to bring your own lunch or buy lunch from the variety of local cafes and shops.

Babes in arms are welcome and we will of course be going for a bite to eat and a drink afterwards and you’re very welcome to come – it’ll probably be at the infamous Brew Haus which is where all the midwifery students hang out.

More information and buy tickets at




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