Good news – eating cake can Save the Midwife!

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ARM members and supporters have been amazingly creative with their fundraising efforts using the Justgiving website for the Save the Midwife campaign, so we wanted to bring you a little round-up of everything that’s been happening. There do seem to be rather a lot of cake-related activities …

The campaign is gathering momentum nicely, ready to support action that’s being planned for the Autumn of 2017. Thank you for all your donations that show us you care about midwifery as much as we do. We really are grateful. But we still need funds to provide posters, leaflets, events (online and offline) and demonstrations to build the campaign to ensure that we can say STOP the undermining of the midwifery profession. We’re fighting for midwives to uphold women’s rights and safety in childbirth which we believe are currently being drastically undermined.

Of course, the main aim of fundraising is to bring in much-needed cash, but there’s no reason the events can’t be enjoyable and we’re having a lot of fun as we raise both money and awareness of the issues facing midwives and women. Midwives and cakes do seem to have a special affinity and our members are planning all sorts of different ways of eating cake to show off their creativity. We also have some serious pampering going on, the perfect antidote to all our current stresses.

But midwives aren’t all about the cake, or the aromatherapy … when the going gets tough, the ARM legend who is Dr Irene Walton gets going. Irene is training for the very real personal challenge of the Manchester Women’s 10K, an inspiration to us (slightly) younger ARM members. And for something really different, the wonderful Chantelle Thornley draws on the theatrical aspects of her portfolio career (as well as a midwife and nurse, she’s also an actor-director!) in her efforts to help us to Save the Midwife. Here’s the roundup of all these events – we hope you can be part of this exciting campaign.

Nicky Grace had a garden party to celebrate her birthday and raised £415 !

fundraise garden party
Nicky says, “This was a really fantastic day that I’ll never forget. It was brilliant to have so many friends, family, colleagues and clients and ex-clients all wanting to Save the Midwife! Thank you so much to everyone who donated at the garden party or online. I’ve received an extra £95 in cash plus a cheque so have paid that directly to ARM – taking the total raised by you for this event to £415! Absolutely brilliant.”

Have a look at Nicky’s Fundraising Page

Irene Walton risks life and limb to Save the Midwife as she prepares for the Manchester Women’s 10K run

fundraising walking
Irene is known for her passion for women, babies and midwifery. She says, ‘Well I’ve been running now for four weeks. I use this term loosely. The first week I was running one minute and walking two minutes for 8 repeats.
I’m now up to running 5 mins and walking 3 mins for 5 repeats. If I had to describe my style its more penguin with indigestion than Paula Radcliffe. I had a tumble a week ago and bruised my leg, arms and hands (picture) but am soldiering on. I would love you to sponsor me.’

Go to Irene’s Fundraising Page to find out more and sponsor her.

Lisa-Marie South pledges to make – and eat – cake. Let’s get behind her!

cake campaign
Lisa-Marie says, ‘Midwives love cake. I love cake. We all love cake! So my plan is to host cake related events at work and at home. When I have events coming up I will post them on my page as well as updates from each event.

28 September 2017 – Northampton Uni Freshers Event. ARM talk and cake by donation.

If you make a donation to my page without coming to an event, my pledge to you is that I will make you cake. If you are not local to me, I will post you the cake…so it may be worth making that donation ;)’

Go to Lisa Marie’s Fundraising Page and get some cake!

Bev Jervis is hosting a glorious pamper event – Save the Midwife and feel wonderful too!

spa fundraise
Bev says, ‘Please come to a pamper afternoon: My garden, Saturday 29th July from 2pm, facial’s, massage, reflexology……Anyone who knows me knows my passion for midwifery. Midwifery is a vocation for me and i believe we need a strong midwifery profession to support women to become strong mothers. I’ve received some donations from an amazing natural skincare company for goody bags! Just organising now….. I have my fingers crossed for good weather but on the off chance gazebos are ready!! Thanks so much for those of you who have donated! Can’t wait to see everyone next week and get a mini massage in whilst making tea and coffee! Please check your diary as we would love to see you!! Getting excited now, I love a good get together especially for a good cause ❤️❤️ ‘.

Check out Bev’s Fundraising Page

ARM Sheffield are also making and eating cakes to Save the Midwife! They need your help …


Hilary Rosser says, ‘To support the campaign the Sheffield ARM group are hosting a fundraising event on August 13th 2pm to 4pm at Mavis Kirkham’s house, 221 Albert Road, Sheffield S8 9QY – a savoury and sweet ‘tea party’ with a raffle.

Everyone welcome, whether or not you have you used the maternity services, or are a midwife/ARM member. Come and taste the delights of our delicious homemade cakes! Come and meet up with Sheffield midwives and find out about the local campaign we are also working on – to get a Birth Centre for the women of Sheffield! Sheffield midwives come and meet friends old and new!’

Go to the Sheffield ARM Fundraising Page

Katherine celebrates the mothers and babies she has cared for

Katherine says, ‘I invite all the mothers and families I have cared for to a garden tea party on Saturday September 9th 2017 from 13.00 to 16.00 to raise money for our Campaign for Better Midwifery Regulation #savethemidwife. Changes in the law and the way midwives are regulated threaten women’s choice in childbirth and midwives’ power to support them in their choices. Please come to my tea party and donate to this cause.’

Have a look at Katherine’s Fundraising Page and support her!

mothers and babies

Chantelle Thornley – a remarkable midwife teaches about a remarkable woman, Irene Gut Opdyke.

Chantelle says, ‘I am raising money to support #savethemidwife for The Association of Radical Midwives because I see the very essence of our being is eroding. I do a talk about a remarkable woman called Irene Gut Opdyke. She was a rescuer of Jews during the holocaust and the subject of the play ‘Irena’s Vow’ the Dan Gordon’s Broadway play that I brought to the UK. I’m donating all my speaker fees for 2017-18 to the #savethemidwife campaign.’

Go to Chantelle’s Fundraising Page

The picture shows Chantelle and her company in the European premier of Irena’s Vow at the National Centre for Early Music, York (Yorkpress).
It’s fantastic to be part of this amazing organisation full of wonderful, warm, funny, bright, generous people who care so much about women, babies and midwifery. Please join in and be part of it!

Donate to one of these brilliant events, or become a fundraiser on Justgiving and we’ll give you loads of support and enouragement for your event!

Please contact Nicky if you’d like to help or just go for it.

May the cake be with you!


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