The Midwives Haven Relaunched

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Midwives Haven

Midwives Haven is a group of The Association of Radical Midwives that offers support for members who are experiencing bullying and harassment, undergoing investigation or disciplinary processes at local level, or who have been referred to The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). ARM is committed to providing support for midwives and to build solidarity to help midwives who find themselves under attack.

We are a network of volunteers (midwives, birth activists, and retired midwives) across the UK who provide personal one-to-one support, a listening ear, information, and guidance as we are able. Our aim is that those seeking support will not feel alone but always have someone to turn to, will have support when opening unwelcome letters or emails or making or receiving difficult phone calls, when going to meetings if otherwise unrepresented, appearing at the NMC and so on.

Information on Bullying and Harassment, Investigations and Disciplinaries, and NMC referral

ARM is pleased to announce that its Midwives Haven pages are being relaunched today. These contain a lot of information on Bullying and Harassment, Investigations and Disciplinaries, and NMC referral.

We hope that anyone experiencing any of these will find something of help in these pages and are always happy to get feedback or suggestions for additions or changes.

In our ideal world of collegiality, comradeship and mutual support, these pages would be unnecessary. However, unfortunately midwives, student midwives and other birth workers experience bullying, harassment, discrimination, blame, and punitive actions. The information we have collected together here will, we hope, give some pointers on approaches to tackling whatever you are faced with.

You are not alone

Our message is that you should not feel helpless or alone whatever you are facing – Midwives Haven is always ready to offer a listening ear, support, and information.

Please take a look at the new pages and share them with anyone you think may find them useful.

Midwives Haven



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