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New Letters Page


Announcement by Midwifery Matters editor and the ARM Steering Group

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of a new ‘Letters Page’ for Midwifery Matters. We used to have this, but not for a while, and we hope you’ll be pleased to see it back. We feel a correspondence page gives a great opportunity for a wide range of views to be expressed.

We don’t just want paper letters of course – we would love to receive your correspondence by email or even Facebook or WhatsApp message. (See below for details of where to send your letters.)

If you would like your correspondence to be published on the Letters Page, please signal this at the beginning of your message by saying either, ‘for publication on the letters page’ or some other indication.

There is no requirement for a particular form of address. If responding to the editorial, or commenting on editorial policy, it is fine to write ‘Dear Editor’. Or you could write ‘Dear ARM’ or ‘Dear Readers’ or ‘Dear ARM members’ or ‘Dear Feminists’ or anything you wish (apart from ‘dear Sir’)!

The ARM Steering Group has discussed the purpose of the new Letters Page. We would like to encourage you to take the opportunity to write in response to an article published in the magazine or the ARM website, or an article or issue you have seen on some other forum, or you can write about any issue you feel strongly about but you don’t want to write an article about it.

The editor’s decision about publication of letters is final. If in doubt she will check with the editorial committee.

It is fine to praise (please do!) or criticise articles we have published. Please bear in mind that some of our authors are amateur writers so be kind. We will not publish any name-calling. (Hopefully it’s unlikely we will be sent anything like this!)

The editorial team is allergic to stereotypes so be wary of stereotyping people. It is fine to write letters that challenge something that has been said. The ARM Steering Group believes that we need to have healthy debate and that’s why they have relaunched the ‘Letters Page’. We need to be able to disagree with each other, and come to consensus where possible or move forward together in disagreement if necessary but with respect.

We look forward to receiving your correspondence!

The Editorial Team and the ARM Steering Group

Where to send correspondence:

Letters should be sent to:

or the ARM main postal address Little Park End, Simonburn, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 3AE

Facebook: please message the main ARM Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/radicalmidwives/



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