COVID-19 ARM Survey

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In May 2020 we published the COVID-19 ARM survey to the Midwifery Matters Facebook group and we gained some fascinating insights into experiences of people working in the maternity services during the COVID-19 crisis. We now wish to open up the survey so as many people as possible get the chance to record their experiences. Please follow the link below the survey description. We will disseminate the results, anonymised where appropriate, as widely as possible including to NHS policymakers and the Royal College of Midwives. Thank you for your participation.


We want to know your experiences since COVID-19 entered your life. Please answer the following questions as fully as you can, there are no word limits. We want to get the fullest possible picture to build a record of what is happening. The survey is open to midwives, student midwives, midwifery managers, midwifery academics, researchers, and also anyone with an interest in pregnancy and childbirth. If any question isn’t relevant for you, feel free to adapt it or ignore it. For retired people or those not working in the maternity services, we value your impressions and opinions about the changes that you’ve witnessed to the maternity services and your experiences in general. Thank you very much for your participation. By completing the survey, you agree that your replies may be published in Midwifery Matters, our magazine, as well as posted on our website or social media pages. Anonymised surveys are fine. If you wish your name or other details to be included, please enter these where asked. Please ensure no one else’s confidentiality is breached, and that any employer is not identifiable. UK and international responses welcome. Please indicate your country where asked.

Click here to go to the COVID-19 ARM survey

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