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Delegates at the ARM Conference on 1st December 2018 had a wonderful time journaling.

We invited all delegates to make contributions to a journal we are creating from responses to the conference and theme of ‘Birth in the Balance’. We’ve had some brilliant submissions so thank you! But we know there are a lot more still to come, and we want the journal to reflect a range of voices and visions.

We are now opening up the opportunity for any ARM member to contribute!

So please send us your drawings, poems, prose or a mix of all – based on thoughts, reflections and ideas whether sparked on the day of the conference or from before or after. 

Please send us entries by 31/12/18. Entries can be either text or images or both.

If you send us an image, please  either scan or take a photo of it, using a good camera if possible – but don’t worry if you don’t have a camera, a good quality phone camera should be fine. Try to make sure the light is as good as possible and that there isn’t a shadow across the image. 

 Guidance for entries:

  • Text max. 500 words – preferably sent as a word document or in the body of an email rather than a pdf or image (unless it is handwritten in which case it’s fine to send a photo or scan).
  • Max. 2 images – take a good quality photo or scan (ideally 300 dpi) 
  • Max. 2 entries in total per person
  • Emailed to Laura & NIcky by 31/12/18 with name, email address and any details of the materials used etc
  • Send to and 
  • The editors, Laura and Nicky, will endeavour to publish all entries but can’t guarantee this. We may make suggestions for editorial changes but will send proofs to the authors for their approval before publication. The editors’ decision is final.

We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Laura and Nicky


Radical Journal is based on the Maternal Journal project, produced by artist and midwife Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, psychiatrist Carmine Pariante, Professor of Psychological Medicine at King’s College London and Debra Bick, Professor of Maternal Health at the University of Warwick. We aim to promote the positive effects and potential therapeutic qualities of ‘journaling’ on mental health and wellbeing through pregnancy and mothering.

If you’d like guidance or lack confidence in your work please don’t let that stop you from sending it, even if – especially if! – you have never published anything before, or don’t think your work is ‘good enough’.

This is your chance to shine – for yourself and to inspire others.
Your message could be just what someone else needs so send us your work today.

Email Laura (artist and editor) or Nicky (writer and editor) if you’d like some friendly artistic advice or editing help.

Journaling can be a powerful creative tool and social document employed by women in their everyday lives. It is also a common form used by well-known women writers and artists. The rich history of female journaling comes about partly due to it being one of the only possible ways for women to write, be creative or express social and political views in the past – when professional engagement wasn’t possible – employing a semi or completely private guise. Therefore, journaling can be seen culturally, even today, as a powerful way for women to creatively document their experiences, and generate a social history of their lives.

birth in the balance journal
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Contributors to the Radical Journal retain copyright for their work but grant the Association of Radical Midwives the right to publish their work in this journal and associated outlets including the website and social media.  


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