Midwifery Matters Winter 2022 Issue 175



What’s the Point Gill?

Ian Kemp

Nottingham University Hospital Trust: Reinstate Homebirth Services Full Time

Jess Maguire

The Birth Gathering 2022

Evony Lynch

They Said to Me

Samantha Gadsden

Consumer Rights?

Thea Soltau


Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Kayleigh Kelly

Nursing & Nurture The Sunnah Way: Infant Feeding Support For Muslim Women By Muslim Women

Marêmé Mufwoko


Maria Meehan

Student Focus

Empowering Students to Raise Concerns

Sasha Haruk


Pregnancy and Motherhood in British Prisons

Maria Garcia de Frutos

Speaking up – in praise of debate: Feminist Consciousness and ARM

Lynn R S Genevieve

A Time And Place For Segregated Support

Marêmé Mufwoko

The Challenges of Teaching Assertiveness

Rachel Nolan

ARM Matters

The Midwives’ Haven Re-energised
ARM Retreat 2022
The Afghan Midwives Support Group Update


Birthing Models on the Human Fights Frontier: Speaking Truth to Power Edited by
Betty-Anne Daviss and Robbie Davis-Floyd

Lynn RS Genevieve

The Good Nurse on Netflix

Lucy Buddingwood

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