Midwifery Matters Winter 2017 Issue 155


Featured Articles

Blame the Midwife by Mavis Kirkham – 3
Midwives have had a very bad press recently and this has led Mavis to ponder the whole issue of midwives and blame.

Getting the Microbiome in Mind by Bridget Supple – 8
How and why women should prepare to expose their newborn to thier microbiome at birth, and how birthworkers can help.

Empowering Women With Autism by Karen Henry – 10
Student midwife Karen considers how the NHS could improve the maternity experience for women with autism.


What is ‘Normal’…? – 7
Samantha Pantlin and Alex Williams consider the language of birth

Midwives’ Haven: Dispelling a Myth Angie Barrett – 12
Examining the mantra, “if it’s not written down it didn’t happen.”

Creative Corner: Lola, a poem by Jennie Wild – 14
The power of connection between midwife and birthing woman when they are close friends.

Student Bites: Feminisim – 15
Ellie Durant writes her first article in a series dedicated to students

News and Views

#savethemidwife: Making Waves – 16
The latest from the campaign to protect midwifery

A Political Conference? – 16
Deb Hughes shares her views of the 2017 RCM conference

Reviews and Consultations – 17
Plum Tour by Hollie McNish; Preparing for Birth by Bridget Sheeran; ‘Promoting Professionalism, Reforming Regulation’ – a DoH consultation

Reconnect & Reflect – 18
ARM looks back at 2017

B!RTH – 20
Hannah Pilkington reviews the powerful plays that
tell the story of birth from 6 corners of the world.

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