Midwifery Matters Winter 2014 Issue 143



Goodbye 2
Welcome 2


An audience with the breech Lisa-Marie Wishart 3
On becoming a midwife Liz Blamire 4
Destination unknown Suyai Steinhauer 5
How sphincter law is demonstrated during labour Katy White 7
Implementing new ideas: Creating a new practice guideline Liz Blamire 7
FGM – Not in our county Katy White 6
How birth could change in the next 20 years through Natal Hypnotherapy Katy White 12
Smooth muscle: What every midwife should know Ann Higson 15
But my Supervisor is fabulous Elsie Gayle 16
Letter to a student midwife Suyai Steinhauer 18


AGM report 19
Retreat 20
European Midwives Association report 21

News & Views

One to One 23

What’s on

Local groups 26
Winter National Meeting 27

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