Midwifery Matters Winter 2012 Issue 135



Campaigning for Holistic Maternity Care – ARM’s Vision 2


Is Bigger Better? Manchester maternity services now Sarah Davies 4
A new service from the old Alison Richardson 8
Birth at Home, Giving it a Go ‘Ambreen’ 9
Sharing Ambreen’s Journey Erica Proctor 11
Female Identity and the Vulva Judith Jones 13
Rights, responsibilities and insurance Mavis Kirkham 17
How it feels to be a Midwife Angela Horler 19
A novel way to prevent postpartum haemorrhage? Judy Slome Cohain 21
Breech VBAC at home Jennie Clegg 23


Retreat 2012 25
AGM report 26

News & Views

Nettalk: Vitamin K – a can of worms 28
NHSLA Report 10 years of Maternity Claims 30
Maternity Buddies 31

What’s on

December National Meeting, Oxford 35

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