Midwifery Matters Winter 2006 Issue 111



Welcome to Scotland 2

Articles from London

Mechanical Midwifery – Autonomous or Automaton? Allison Ewing 3
The Story of a Healing Birth Isla and John 5
A Beginning and an End Cassy MacNamara 10
Can Education Programmes Promote Normality? Maria Cummings 11
Debating ‘Normality’ Linda Wylie 13


AGM report 16
Retreat/Gathering reports 17
‘So What’s a Radical Midwife Then?’ 19

News & Views

book review 21
gleanings 24
nettalk: screaming for an epidural 22
promoting breastfeeding 24
cervical ‘weep’ 25
resisting induction 27
A new UN Agency for Women 26
in the media 28
news 29
what’s on 31
30th Birthday Survey 33

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