Midwifery Matters Winter 2004 Issue 103



Bristol local group 2

Articles from Bristol

Culture Shock: Am I really a midwife? 2
Advocacy in the antenatal period 4
VBAC at home 7
The argument for Caseload Midwifery 9
Campaigning for a Birth Centre 13
Celebrating pregnancy: conflicting emotions 14
Why women die: Delays in rural Mexico 17
Getting Plastered! 20
Independent midwifery 22
Midwifery: A mother’s perspective 23
Pregnancy, birth and insight 24
Only Connect 25

Articles from elsewhere

Water birth photo story 26


AGM report 28
Ambergate Gathering report 31
Supervision workshop 33
AIMS/ARM meeting 33
Sharing the Skills 34
Children’s NSF 35

News & Views

letters 36
book review 36
gleanings 37
nettalk PTSD 39

What’s on 44

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