Midwifery Matters Summer 2021 Issue 169


Up Front

midwifery news and notices


Maternity care is not the same for everyone

Joy Palmer and Oli Silverwood-Cope

Watchful attendance in labour and birth

Ank de Jonge, Hannah Dahlen and Soo Downe

Professional Midwifery Advocates against bullying

Annie Lester

Midwives’ haven

Angie Barrett

Q&A with FGM specialist midwife Joy Clarke

Oli Silverwood-Cope

Student Focus

Granny Spate

Sylvie Clark’s family tale

Social culture and the bullying of midwifery students on clinical placement: a qualitative descriptive exploration

Paper review by Heidi Evans

It’s time to talk about.. physiological birth

Kemi Johnson’s Clubhouse review by Rhia Lawrence


My mum was my midwife

Lena Corner’s triumpant VBA2C

Newly qualified in a pandemic

Laura Hayward Alfia


Journey to continuity

Becky Millar launches two CoC teams

MLU midwives campaign

Lottie Blundon and Katherine Letley

Midwives must be climate champions

Alison Reid

Anti-D: What do women and families want?

Sara Wickham

The case for fetal monitoring

Margaret Jowitt reviews the RSM webinar

A bleeding travesty

Caroline Flint introduces the second in a series of articles questioning the ‘new normal’

Picturing breastfeeding: art and reality

Rosemary Mander, Rosalind Marshall and Valerie Fleming



Anna Marie Madeley, Lynn Genevieve

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