Midwifery Matters Summer 2018 Issue 157


Featured Articles

Standardisation of Care: a contradiction in terms by Mavis Kirkham – 4
Examining how routines impact the very nature of a midwife’s role and relationships they build.

Needles and Nerves by Dannie Foulkes – 8
A student reflection about the
fear and reality of undertaking midwifery skills.

Finding their Voice by Ruth Carrozza & Faye Parfit – 12
Student artwork that expresses
their role in empowering women.


Caseloading – 10
Student midwives Georgina Westhead and Ashleigh Croft get creative.

Perfect Birth Environment – 13
LJMU students express themselves.

Neoliberalism: inequality and maternity care – 14
Claire Welford looks at how government policies have impacted key areas of maternity services.

Processing Trauma – 17
Kate Hales reflects on how Buddhism has helped her process a traumatic midwifery event.

The Dance and Art of Perinatal Care – 23
Cover feature artist Abbie Durrant-Milnes shares her work.

News and Views

Book Reviews – 21
How we Sleep; Doulas and Intimate Labour; Towards the Humanisation of Birth

A 17th Century Midwife – 22
Deb Hughes shares a fascinating account of Eizabeth Thompson, a midwife in Kendal.

Small Steps – 24
Katherine Hales brings the quarterly ARM and campaign update.

Health Professional Suicide – 25
The Midwives’ Haven Collective share an update on responses from their recent letter calling for action to prevent suicide among midwives.

Better Births! Women and Midwives are the Solution – 26
Michelle Beacock reports on the Wigan ARM study day held in March 2018.

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