Midwifery Matters Summer 2017 Issue 153


Editorial 2


NMC Unfit Fit for Purpose-A collective report of the IDM demo 4
#savethemidwife – protecting women’s
rights with better midwifery regulation 6
New Radical Membership Explained 8
Midwives Matter Too
ARM Midwives’ Haven Support Group 10
Midwives – still eating their young Deborah Hughes 11
Another One Bites the Dust-how being ill led to midwifery hell 13

Placenta Stories

Bringing the Placenta Home – Stories and recipies to inspire 15
Placenta Remedies – Becki Scott 17

Reviews & Comments

Better Births Conference Comment Katherine Hales 14
Against All Odds – Ishbel Kargar
Book review by Michael Wieloch 14
Steering Group – we need you! Bev Jervis 14

Events 18
Noticeboard 19

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