Midwifery Matters Summer 2011 Issue 129



Welcome to the North West 2
Delivery by numbers 2


An alternative Tale of Two Cities ‘Bertha Sistant’ 3
Is Induction necessary for prolonged pregnancy? Michelle Beacock 6
Reflection on augmentation a student midwife 10
An open letter Suzanne Arms 13
Women need scrub midwives Nicola Pusey 15
The Story of Apple Dumplings Virginia Howes 19


Forward planning 18
Spring National Meeting report 23
Steering Group report 24

Conference Reports

King’s Fund report on Staffing in Maternity Units 16
European Midwives Association 25
Community midwifery 26
Midwifery Today, Strasbourg 27
Commercial capabilities of the NHS 29


Misoprostol 30

News & Views

News roundup 32
Book review 33
Parents views – summary 34

What’s on

ARM gathering 28
ARM Conference 2

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