Midwifery Matters Summer 2010 Issue 125



NHS midwives: Should we be ashamed? Sue Easthope 2
NHS managers: Should they be ashamed? Margaret Jowitt 3


NHS midwives: Giving their all Claire Jarrett 4
Caseloading 24/7 on the NHS: A lifestyle Dominique Mylod 4
Caseload Midwifery: The Weston Shore experience Alice Dale 6
Home breech birth: A shared experience Joy Horner 8
Listen in with mother: IA Fraser Morton 12
How was it last time? Caroline Wood 15
Keeping birth woman-centred Sue Easthope 17
Supporting a woman declining routine care Johanna Curtis 18
Meeting Sarah Gill Marchant 19
Stories from the shop floor 20
Selection Bias in the King’s HIE Audit Margaret Jowitt 23
AIMS’ critique of the CMACE report 27


Steering group meeting 27
Spring national meeting report 28


Silencing the pushing brigade 30

News & Views

Gleanings from The Practising Midwife 33
Letter 34

what’s on

Summer National Meeting, Bristol 39

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