Midwifery Matters Summer 2008 Issue 117



Rewarding Failure 2


Elanna Sian Furlong-Davies 4
Sian’s Story Sian Furlong-Davies 5
Sara’s Story Sara McAleese 5
Into the Wild kneelingwoman 7
Antenatal Preparation for Breastfeeding Sharon Breward 9
Fist Breath Olivia Lester 11
Journeying off the Map Helen Ford 12
Journey to Midwifery and ARM Claire Jarrett 15
A Taste of Freedom Evony 16


National meeting report 18
Infant Feeding Law 21
Local group news 22
Drowning in Paper Margaret Jowitt 23


Breech Transfer 24
Physiological Third Stage 30

News & Views

letters 31
Forthcoming national meetings & retreat 35
Summer National Meeting, Glasgow June 7th 34

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