Midwifery Matters Spring 2023 Issue 176



Babies are born the same way

Katy Hoyle

Midwifery is the same everywhere, right?

Cheryl MacDonald

Accidental Midwife

Erin O’Connor

The unique and lasting friendships of midwifery

Kara Hogan


Midwives’ Working Conditions are Women’s Birthing Conditions

Anna Melamed


Birth haiku

Erin O’Connor


Failure to progress..or is it? – Observational review

Katy Hoyle

Variances of progress

Cheryl MacDonald

Overcoming the midwifery workforce shortage

Cheryl MacDonald

Workplace resilience – Who’s job is it anyway?

Kara Hogan

#Say no to bullying in midwifery report

Deborah Hughes


The Gift Economy

Lynn RS Genevieve

Hags: the demonisation of middle-aged women

Lynn R S Genevieve

Apple: Sex, Drugs, Motherhood and the Recovery of the Feminine

Reign Lawrence

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