Midwifery Matters Spring 2021 Issue 168


Up Front

Quarterly round up of midwifery news and events


Occupations of birth space

Elizabeth Newnham

From medicalisation to humanisation of birth and death

Professor Lesley Page & Professor Celia Kitzinger

Michel Odent Q&A

Oli Silverwood-Cope

Does intrapartum CTG monitoring save lives?

Dr Kirsten Small, Professor Mary Sidebotham, Professor Emeritus Jenny Gamble & Professor Jennifer Fenwick

The Republic of Motherhood

Liz Berry

Tending the fire

Alison Arrowsmith

Student Focus

Get it right! UPRIGHT

Deepa Santhosh

Transforming student midwives’ confidence and knowledge about home birth

Sam Todd

First birth: homebirth

Zeynab Mujahid

Blether and Bosie

Marie Bucklegray


Pregnant in a pandemic

Emily Wood

Born at home

Josie Glausiez


Embracing the power of ‘and’

Alys Einion

Virtual conferences and social responsibility

Linda Wylie

The travesty of triage

Caroline Flint

The clitoris in birth

Margaret Jowitt

Media response to the Ockenden

Amity Reed


film, books

Paul Golden, Mavis Kirkham, Deborah Hughes, Zannah Kearns

Last Word

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