Midwifery Matters Spring 2020 Issue 164




by Nicky Grace

Sop, Starve, Shut

by Mavis Kirkham

The OASI Care Bundle: First do no harm

by Margaret Jowitt

War Babies: Midwives and Mothers in England during WWII

by Julia Allison

A doula’s place is in the maternity theatre

by Sarah Marsden

Respect my client’s choices – please!

by Dee Coe


Canary in the Coalmine

by Hannah Dahlen, Bashi Hazard and Virginia Schmied

Gathering in the Knowledge: an online course with Sara Wickham

Review article by Lynn Genevieve

Birthing your baby: the second stage of labour. 3rd edition. by Nadine Pilley Edwards.

Review by Mavis Kirkham

ARM reports

Midwives’ Haven
Report on the ARM Winter National Meeting in Sheffield
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