Midwifery Matters Autumn 2023 Issue 178



Closure, How the flagship Albany Midwifery
Practice, at the heart of its South London
community, was demonised and dismantled

Margaret Jowitt

The ABA-feed Study

Dr Joanne Clarke

Establishment Attitudes to Continuity of Care

Margaret Jowitt


The NMC Code: How Professional Tenets
Became Weaponised and Meaningless

Deborah Hughes

arm matters

Birth Time the documentary Screening
ARM Retreat and AGM
ARM Conference


Celebrating my Continuity Midwife

Katharine Green

A Day in the Life of an NHS Continuity Midwife

Abina Brown

Continuity from Outside the System

Sarah Fitzsimmons

Two Births One Day

Lynn R S Genevieve

student focus

Is the Autonomous Role of the Midwife Dependent on Continuity?

Amanda Leat


The Empowered Registrant’s Handbook,
by Simon Holnorn

Reviewed by Deborah Hughes

Flourish: A Practical and Emotional Guidebook to Thriving in Midwifery by Kate Greenstock

Reviewed by Billie Hunter CBE

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