Midwifery Matters Autumn 2022 Issue 174



Mother-led: Reclaiming the Childbirth Journey

Heather Spain

Pelvic Floor Education – Antenatal, Postnatal, and Beyond

Michelle Neal

An Introduction to Da-a-Luz Oasis

Vanessa Brooks

My Da-a-Luz Journey and Education for the Future

Deb Rhodes

How Yoga Can Support Healing, Psychologically & Physically, For Postnatal Care

Lucy Holtom

Interview with ZEST

Reign Lawrence

The New Baby Network

Brianna Dymond IBCLC

Refl ections on working at the Holistic Midwife Yurt at Glastonbury Festival 2022

Anna Ziggy Melamed


Reflections on Growth

Lisa Milner-Smith

Midwifery Training 1994-1997 – a Personal View

Lynn R S Genevieve

My Experience of Doula Training

Phillipa Creswell

The Value of a Good Supervisor

Lucy Buddingwood

My Experience of the Freebirth Society’s Radical Birth Keeper School

Shannon Wilkins


Postnatal Scare or Laissez-faire?

Suzanne Colson

Reading the Right Way Up

Joelle Colson

Student Focus

A Student Reflective Account

Martha Fofanah

From Da-a-Luz Training to Midwifery Education within the NHS



Report: Summer National Meeting Glasgow

Katherine Hales

ARM Matters

Report: Summer National Meeting Glasgow

Katherine Hales


The Baby on the Fire Escape by Julia Phillips

Lynn RS Genevieve

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